The People

Gilles Guillerault, native to the estate
The son of the founders Jacques and Geneviève Guillerault grew up on the estate. Then, with his wine-grower’s baccalaureate in his pocket, he explored other vineyards: Domaine Jacob at Échevronne (21) then Château des Laurets at Puisséguin-Saint-Émilion (33). When he returned, he naturally took over to build on the accomplishments already achieved.

Sébastien Fargette, invaluable
He is the partner. He arrived in the early 2000s, after working for 5 years in the Beaujolais: with Marcel Lapierre at Morgon (69), Jean Foillard at Morgon (69) and then Philippe Deschamps and Daniel Bulliat at Beaujeu (69).

These men united by their passion for wine are competent in every aspect of production. Sébastien was in charge of the vines before taking over the cellar. Today, it’s Gilles who manages the vines. They each keep an expert eye on what the other one is doing, to ensure quality and a rigorous approach.